TRW safety tip for motorcycles with ABS

During maintenance work on the brake components of ABS motorcycles, one special feature must be taken into account: The tips of all ABS sensors, whether inductive or Hall sensors, are magnetic. As brake discs and disc pads contain iron/steel alloys, the sensors can attract the worn off material with their magnetic tip.

There is usually a small air gap between the sensors and the ABS "gear rim" with a width of just 0.5 - 1mm depending on the system. If this air gap becomes smaller due to the magnetically attracted dirt particles, the sensor signal is also weakened. In the case of coarse soiling, this can lead to a failure of the ABS system. Although the brake system remains completely functional, the wheels may be blocked due to the ABS failure! Each time the brake pads and/or discs are replaced, the sensor tip should therefore be cleaned with the TRW brake cleaner. The gear rim must also be freed from soiling. In the event of an ABS system failure, always check the condition of the cables and connectors first. The sensor may not necessarily be faulty!

Incidentally: TRW was also a pioneer in the development of mechanical-hydraulic ABS systems for motorcycles. In 1985, the first prototype was presented under the former company name "Lucas Girling". ABS systems are now part of the standard equipment in many motorcycles.


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