TRW True Originals – we live our passion

True Originals, the title of our new video is spot on. For leading man Krzysztof Kociołek, everything revolves around motorbikes, of course. That makes Krzysztof representative of everyone at TRW: the same passion and dedication he puts into his favourite pastime also goes into his work at our company.

For our new video, Krzysztof rode his bike through the Carpatians. Endless serpentine roads, breathtaking views and lots of new contacts with fellow bikers from a variety of countries – Krzysztof experienced some unforgettable moments on his tour.

When he is at work, Krzysztof Kociołek is the Business Development Manager for the Motorcycle sector at TRW. He maintains constant intensive contact with his customers who sell the TRW-Lucas quality products. As an enthusiastic biker, he can accurately assess the requests and suggestions from his contacts and forward these to the TRW development department accordingly. This means that practical knowledge and experience have a direct influence on the design of TRW-Lucas products.

Ulf Haase is Motorcycle Manager TRW Parts & Service Europe. From the European Sales Centre in Neuwied/Germany, he coordinates the consistent further development of the TRW-Lucas products and their marketing: “Riding a motorcycle is so much more than just a hobby. It is our passion! Our new video conveys a riding experience that is unique but also requires maximum focus. You have to be able to absolutely rely on your bike and all its components. So our mission statement is: performance meets safety! TRW-Lucas products meet the extremely high quality standards of the international automotive industry. But that is not all: we are continuously raising the level of our internal quality requirements.”

The TRW employees work on the development of our products and services with passion and dedication. Krzysztof Kociołek is one of those who are introduced in the “True Originals” video series from TRW. With now 2.7 million hits, the videos have become extremely popular on YouTube.

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