Full power control with TRW-Lucas racing clutches

Racing clutches from TRW-Lucas are exceedingly heat resistant, durable and resistant to extreme mechanical stress. Their ultimate friction material makes them ideal for use on the track or for sporty riding on the road.

The friction material is based on a compound with a high carbon content and selected raw materials. This gives the friction plates perfect grip and allows for maximum transmission of power.

On the racetrack, TRW-Lucas racing clutches show their full potential. They retain their shape even under extreme temperatures and high pressure. This prevents clutch slipping or sticking even at the highest speeds and torques. The clutch works with absolute precision, ensuring perfect control and maximum safety. Ideal for performance enhanced motorbikes and for racing use!

TRW-Lucas racing clutches are available for the most popular sportsbikes from Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. The range is being expanded continuously. TRW-Lucas are also currently preparing a racing clutch for the BMW S1000 RR.


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