For Harley-Davidson – TRW-Lucas DOT 5 Brake Fluid!

When it comes to brakes, Harleys need a very special juice: Silicone-based DOT 5 brake fluid. Effective immediately, TRW-Lucas offers it in attractive and practical 250 ml containers.

The TRW-Lucas DOT 5 Brake fluid completes the large special product offering of brake pads, brake discs, clutch kits, custom and sports handlebars for Harley-Davidson. It was specifically developed for vehicles with braking systems requiring DOT 5 brake fluid. TRW-Lucas DOT 5 Brake fluid is silicone-based, not hygroscopic (attracting water) and does not attack painted surfaces, aluminium, chrome and plastic parts. Thanks to its special composition it ensures optimal braking power and thus maximum safety. Corrosion and deposits are reliably prevented; seals and gaskets in the hydraulic system are optimally lubricated.

DOT 5 brake fluid is stipulated for nearly all motorcycles from Harley-Davidson and Buell roughly from model years 1976 to 2004/2005 with original braking systems. The requirements of the vehicle manufacturers must be absolutely followed when choosing the right brake fluid! TRW-Lucas DOT 5 Brake fluid is silicone-based and not mixable with brake fluids of specifications DOT 3, DOT 4 DOT 5.1.!


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